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There is a New Witch in Town...

In Forestdale, a new girl has arrived. She carries a dark secret. There is a darkness attached to her that follows her wherever she goes. She made a pact, a promise she could not keep.

Mark, a town outcast has taken notice of the mystery girl and is infatuated with her. The locals are fascinated by her for all the wrong reasons. There is a magical magnetism she presents that is unexplainable.

Mark and the rest of the town have no idea what mayhem and chaos follows behind their newest resident. Unfortunately for them, they are soon to find out...

Available in the following formats: Kindle, Audiobook, Hardcover or Paperback.

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New Release

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5 Thrilling tales




"New Which in Town is a magical story about witches and rituals. There were many battles, steamy scenes and interesting plot twists. Quite entertaining if you like magic and chaos."

New Witch in Town

Great story telling

"It's rare to find a collection that keeps you captivated. This one did not disappoint. The author is a great story teller."

Short Stories: Tales of Madness


Unexpectedly twisted

"I like a good cerebral story, and most of these stories have a Twilight Zone feel. The best part about these stories are the pacing. You hit the ground running as you're thrust into the chaos. Whether it's a vampire story or a tale about the devil, each story keeps you guessing. My only complaint is that the title or the cover didn't do Gregory's words justice. I look forward to reading more of Gregory's works"

Short Stories: Tales of Madness


Amazing read!

"This is my second purchase from Michael Gregory. I got his short stories soft back and I also have it on audible. I highly recommend picking that up if you haven't got it yet. New Witch in Town is absolutely addicting and you will not be able to put it down. The suspense and wordplay will keep you at the edge of your seat. When you're reading this book you will always be anticipating what happens next with crazy plot, twists, and unpredictable segments. Highly recommend this awesome book!"

New Witch in Town


A little witch 🌶🌶

"Super 🌶🌶🌶 fast paced on the edge of your seat witchy fun. Witches fighting witches lots of action. A perfect blend of magic and Romance"

New Witch in Town


Michael Gregory II with his dog

In my own words...

"I have always enjoyed being a story teller. When I was little my Mom had an electric typewriter in which I used to write short stories to share them with my Grandma. I had stopped writing on paper and for a long time I would only share stories with friends and loved ones only by spoken word. I started to write short stories for fun and found that it was a true passion for me. I have always loved books, movies, or even just a well told story. I am enjoying this journey of sharing my passion."

Michael Gregory II


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